A History of Forbidden Objects

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A History of Forbidden Objects
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A History of Forbidden Objects is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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*The book contains the description of several magical artifacts that have been forbidden by the Divine Order. As you flip through the book, your eye lands on a section about Resurrection Idols.*

Infused with ancient magic, these small statues allow the wielder to return to Rivellon after death. The statue grows inert and loses all magical properties after use. Impish Tinkerers were widely known to travel with such idols on their person. Some sources even suggest these tinkerers could restore the magic properties of an inert idol using the power of a Resurrection Scroll. Meddling with the sanctity of death is a grave offense and all idols have been destroyed and outlawed. Those with the knowledge to craft them have been duly re-educated.


Ingredient 1:Resurrection scroll
Ingredient 2:Ashen Idol of Rebirth
Produces:Glowing Idol of Rebirth