Attributes (Divinity: Original Sin)

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All Attributes start at base 5. A newly created character has five Attribute points to spend. Each even level grants an additional Attribute point, ending up with 15 spendable Attribute Points. Each Skill is boosted by a particular Attribute and has a soft Attribute requirement based on its Skill Level. Each Attribute point below the requirement reduces the effectiveness of the Skill by 10%, while each Attribute point above the requirement grants a 5% bonus. Attributes cannot exceed 15 unless it is boosted by equipment.



  • Boosts Man-at-Arms skills
  • +20 Weight per point (base 10)
  • +6 Offense Rating per point for Strength-based Weapons


  • Boosts Expert Marksman skills
  • Boosts Scoundrel skills
  • +5 Defense rating per point above 5? (base 4xLevel)
  • +6 Offense Rating per point for Dexterity-Based Weapons


  • Boosts Elemental skills (Aerotheurge, Geomancer, Hydrosophist, Pyrokinetic)
  • Boosts Witchcraft skills
  • Every 2 intelligence points after 4 int reduces the cooldown of magic school skills by 1 turn until 10, then you don't reduce spells cooldown until 13. 
  • +6 Offense Rating per point for Intelligence-Based Weapons


  • +1 Maximum Action Points per point (base 7)
  • +6.2 Vitality per point and level (+7.13 in normal difficulty due to the +15% bonus)


  • +0.1 Movement per point
  • +0.5 Initiative per point
  • +0.5 Start Action Points per point (base 2)
  • +0.5 Turn Action Points per point (base 3.5)


  • +1.0 Hearing per point
  • +0.5 Initiative per point
  • +0.5 Start Action Points per point (base 2)
  • +2% Critical Chance per point above 5
  • Ability to detect traps
  • Accuracy when shooting over distances
    • Every 0.2 meters from the target reduces chance to hit by 1%
    • Each point of Perception increases the distance before penalties due to range take effect by 0.4 meters.