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You met him? I always thought he was a fairytale figure.

Bellegar is probably the finest mage and best mind in Rivellon. However, being a psychotic prankster with rhyming prowess, he has a reputation of being dubious and much feared. His antics, while sometimes humorous, are also cruel.


To me, my honeys! To me my girls! Pout your lips and shake your curls!
– Bellegar, to his Bellegarettes, Divinity: Original Sin

Bellegar is a powerful mage, who was sealed way by Maxos in the primordial cave by the four elemental demons.

Out of boredom during his incarceration he made girls for his pleasure - Bellegarettes. They think a woman's highest pleasure is to become a Bellegarette. If freed, he will offer the female Source Hunter the chance to become a Bellegarette too.

Afterwards, you can meet him again at the Phantom Forest. He inscribes the location of Bellegar's Maze in your Teleport Rune. There you have to control a rat (also a cat and a dog) to find the way to the treasures. He also suggests you 3 barrels of legendary items. You can see the type of the item, but it's not identified so you can't know the enchantments. You can only choose 1 out of 3 barrels.

Divinity II

Creatures of this broken dale, fear now all my mighty gale and know the greatest mage by far, is the mighty BELLEGAR!
– Bellegar, Divinity II: Ego Draconis

Bellegar is first encountered at one of Bellegar's Shrines in Broken Valley. He can also be met later on by visiting the Mysterious Cave in Orobas Fjords.


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List of antics;

Bellegar is aware of the Dragon Knight searching for clues to how to release the infamous Chaos mage Behrlihn from his captivity. He laid a considerable amount of tricks and ploys in Aleroth to confuse and delay the Dragon Knight. Each time the Dragon Knight managed to solve one of his schemes. Bellegar frantically tries to bind the draconic rebel each time in futile, much to Behrlihn's amusement. When the Dragon Knight finally broke open the seal to the Chaos mage's prison vault. Bellegar fought and lost again. The Dragon Knight is later presented a choice either to deceive Behrlihn and siding with Bellegar instead, or to further ridicule the prankster and reward the eager Chaos mage his long-awaited freedom.

I'll tell you his about Bellegar: in all the universes combined, a greater lunatic you will not find!
Talana, Divinity II: Ego Draconis