Crow's Nest

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Crow's Nest is a district in the city of Aleroth that can be explored during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.


Many of the buildings in this residential area have been temporary abandoned due to the threats facing the city, including the slime and undead creatures that roam throughout the district. It contains the homes of many citizens, the Wild Willows Manor mental asylum, and a waypoint shrine in the northeast corner. The Dragon Knight can spend a considerable amount of time in Crow's Nest and its sub-locations for various quests.


A barricade in Mardaneus Plaza keeps the Crow's Nest creatures contained. It is guarded by Nericon, a powerful magic tree that strikes down all who near it, living or undead. In order to get past the tree alive and enter the district, the Dragon Knight must complete the quest Seahorse Salad to obtain the Elven Alphabet book from the Forbidden Archive, then use it to complete the Bark up the Right Tree quest that is acquired by approaching Nericon for the first time.

The large gate leading to Source Square is shut; an alternate route is required.



These enemies roam throughout the district, are level 39, and respawn:

These enemies are encountered once:

  • Black Ring – Summoned by Nerus near the waypoint shrine, level 39, ×3


  • ClaireHer house is on fire in the northeast area of the district
  • Kenzo – Traitor / Black Ring supporter, betrayed & killed by Nerus when entering the district
  • Nerus – Traitor / Black Ring supporter, confronted near the waypoint shrine, turns hostile, level 40
  • Taurus – Confronted near Decimus' House, level 40, turns hostile, level 40
  • Tom – On the run from Taurus near Decimus' House