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Encyclopedia of Flora
Technical information

Encyclopedia of Flora is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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The Ultimate Guide to Noxious Bulbs.

Noxious bulbs grow in the temperate regions of Rivellon. They thrive in open areas, where their intricate root systems can grow. Commonly used as a means of security, noxious bulbs are well known for their vivid colors and their equally vivid defense mechanisms.
Once fully grown, they appear in a multitude of variations. The effects of the bulbs roughly match their appearance as well as the element to which the bulb is most susceptible.
For instance, a red noxious fire bulb is susceptible to fire, and a yellow noxious earth bulb is susceptible to earthen elements. They are very sturdy flowers that are hard to destroy or uproot, but if one does manage to destroy them, they will hardly go down without a boom.