Lanilor Lane

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Lanilor Lane

Lanilor Lane is a residential and commercial district of Aleroth accessible during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.






  • Sir Gula's House back entrance ("Key To Back Entrance") – Spawns on a potted plant right next to the trapdoor (#6 on map) after mindreading Darvesh in Mardaneus Plaza.
  • Top room at the Phoenix Inn ("Phoenix Inn Top Room Key") – Spawns on the steps near the chest between Astridax ("I" on map) and Taurus' House (#3 on map) after mindreading Ricky, the bartender at the inn.


  • Near the entrance to Temple of Nimir – On a nearby table.
  • Between Madame Eve's and Willy's House – Under the pile of zombie corpses. To get it you must side with Gaius, then leave and return (e.g. enter any building then come back), he will have burned the corpses allowing you to pick up the key. If you side with Vito you'll gain 6000 exp, but are unable to loot the key.
  • Between Sir Gula's House and Willy's House – Along with a Bellegar Coin (for Mind over Matter), can be acquired by looting the citizen's corpse that is found on the elevated platform directly in front of the chest.



Map of Lanilor Lane (click image to enlarge):
Map of Lanilor Lane