Magilla's journal

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Magilla's journal

Magilla's journal is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


The journal can be found on the corpse of Magilla, located on the beach to the west of Fort Joy camp.


...if the rumours are true, I'll be rich as an Ancient. Can't expect less from a kings vault - even one on a prison island.

If it's anything like the Silverglen jails, getting out'll be as easy as getting in. They'll take any Sourcerer these days, and that's easy enough to fake.

Landed. Found a good mark right away. Says he's got a teleporter spell I can filch easy enough. Just had to say I'd escape with him. Far be it from me to lead a stranger to all that gold, though.

So close I can almost smell it.

The vault oughta be just outside the prison, if I can believe Barberra. Her map's my golden ticket. I see it behind my lids when I close my eyes.